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SUNDOWNER - 48ft Motorsailer-Catamaran
48ft Motorsailer-Catamaran

up from 500 US$ for ½ Day
MAHALO - 46ft Power-Catamaran
46ft Power-Catamaran

up from 1400 US$ for Day-Charter
"SEA MENACE" 13m Powercat
powered by twin 350 V8 4-stroke Yamahas

up from 1200 US$ for a Day-Charter
Zula 39ft Power-Boat
Zula 39ft Power-Boat 2x 150HP
for up to 6 Guest in AC-Cabin

up from 400 US$ for a ½ Day-Charter
Bali Yacht Charter provide you with all information’s about sailing and cruising from Bali to Lombok, the Gili’s, Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores and further with a selection of "VERY SPECIAL" Boats & Yachts which are Catamarans and Trimarans – Multihulls.... (this are this fantastic, but a bit strange looking boats with two or more hulls = bodies) smiley50 ... this design gives them a very seaworthy ride and the stability and lack of heel kept the going comfortable, even for those whose stomachs were not made of reinforced concrete!

There are many options available between a 39ft Monuhull-Powerboat, a 42ft and a 46ft Power-Cat, a 48ft Motorsailer-Catamaran and the very special 77ft Alloy-Trimaran for up to 10 guests overnight.

The Charters starts at private Sunset-Dinner–Cruises, via half-Day & Day-Cruises and 2 and 3 Day - overnight Charter to the very unique Private Yacht Charter for up to 10 guests.

Bali Yacht Charter offers also Cabin-Cruises and Joint-Charter on different Boats on different dates from Bali to Lombok, the Gilli Islands and also to Komodo.

We offer you many types of Multihull- and Yacht & Boat Charter in Bali like: Family-, Dive-, Yoga-, Vegetarian-, Stand-Up-Paddle- and Surf-Charter and Cruises but also free-diving, kite surfing and exclusive honeymoon-packages.
You can also charter a private Yacht for Pre-Wedding Pictures, Bachelors-Party for up to 70 people and Family-BBQ get together on board of one or all of our Boats.


Sunset Cruises for 1 up to 70 guests on 3 boats    half day and day-charter for up to 70 people    2 and 3 day overnight charter cruises    7-day cruises from bali to lombok on 3 different boats    private yacht charter off 3 different catamarans     contact and inquiry form for charter   Facebook page of Bali Yacht Charter and Cruises

BIGKANU 77ft Trimaran
77ft Alloy-Trimaran

up from 1400 US$ for a Day-Charter


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Denpasar 80361; Bali, Indonesia
Phone: +(62) (0) 8133 753 4097
Email: info@bali-charter.com


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