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Certainly not a "Luxury" Vessel ... but that's not what we wanted

Left on 03/24/2014 for a stay in January 2014 - Werner Schneider , Graz

We (2 couples from Graz / Austria) have been on the boat for 4 days in January this year and were very lucky with the weather :-). We booked this yacht online direct through their German website www.bali-katamaran.de and were happy how easy it was and nice to communicate direct with the owner & skipper.
The pickup was easy and on time and after a short briefing we sailed northwards the east-coast of Bali to arrive the same afternoon at amuk Bay (same Bay as "Candi Dasa") with it's nice reef to swim & snorkel, but since it is close to the large Oil-Pontoon where large Tankers a loaded and unloaded with Fuel and Gas it was a bit smelly. Not really disturbing, but anyway ... this Bay is the only save place to anchor or moor for a night before the cruise over to Lombok.
The next day Reinhold & Zully started early at 06:00 and we turned around knowing everything is ok because both engines running smoothly and quiet.
Zully prepared later a small breakfast and after Lunch we arrived at our final destination "Secret Island Bay" in South Lombok.
Just beautiful! A remote small uninhabited Island invited us to swim over and explore the reefs and beaches.
We stayed in this little hidden paradise until the next day and had lots of fun with the Stand-up-Paddle and the Canoe and a nice afternoon fire with BBQ on the beach :-D
The next (last) Morning the Crew woke up already at about 04:00 to get ready to lift the anchor (before the engines had to fill the batteries to have enough power for the windlass) and with the sunrise we left for our journey back to Bali.
On the way we did some trolling and cached a small "yellow-fin Tuna" but put him back in again because of the veto of the women on board ;-)
All in all it was a fantastic holiday on a great, sturdy and save boat with a professional and competent crew. Reinhold (said already that he) is not the great entertainer, but certainly a skilled Seaman & Skipper and Zully is just charming and helping & cooking and ...


Manfred Lauck

What a great Boat and Crew ... all perfect for a special Cruise

Left on 03/13/2014 for a stay in October 2013

We booked this Yacht already 6 month in advance (and got a 10% early booking discount :-) ...) and we all 2 couples and 3 kids couldn't wait to board this fantastic Yacht. Everything was well prepared and planned and we all had sooo much fun in South Lombok (with Stand-Up-Paddle, Canoe and swimming & snorkelling) and the Gili's that we all (except the man of course) cried when we left Reinhold & Zully after 7 days in paradise. We'll be back ... for sure!

Wir hatten diese Yacht bereits 6 Monate im Voraus gebucht (und 10% Frühbucherrabatt bekommen) und wir alle konnten es kaum erwarten an Bord zu gehen. Alles war perfect geplant & vorbereitet und wir hatten alle einen Riesenspaß mit Stand-Up-Paddle, Kanu und Schwimmen & Schnorcheln in Süd-Lombok und den Gili's, dass (fast) alle (dir Männer natürlich nicht) geweint haben als wir uns von Reinhold & Zully verabschiedet haben ;-) ...
In einem oder zwei Jahren kommen wir bestimmt wieder! Versprochen!!


Bali Holiday Checker

Das war ein Traumtörn mit dem 48ft Katamaran Sundowner

Left on 12/15/2013 for a stay in October 2013

Wir hatten bereits im Januar für den 7-Tage Törn nach Ost-Bali - Lombok - Gili Air - Nusa Lembongan gebucht und da wir eine Familie mit 5 Personen sind gleich das Boot als "private charter" reserviert. Am 4 Oktober ging es los und es war wie man so sagt "trip of a lifetime". Reinhold & Zully sind wirklich ausgesprochen nett, hilfsbereit und kompetent. Der Transport vom Hotel hat toll geklappt und da das Boot (und die Kabinen) ja voll eingerichtet sind mit Bettwäsche, Handtüchern und sogar Schnorchelmasken, brauchten wir nur kleines Handgepäck und haben die Koffer den Fahrer überlassen der diese in sein bzw. Reinholds & Zully's Haus gestellt hat.
Nach kurzer Einweisung ging es auch gleich los nach Amuk Bay (Candi Dasa) und Reinhold hat das Boot dicht an der Küste entlanggefahren um die großen Wellen und Strömungen zu vermeiden (damit wir nicht seekrank werden) und um 17:00 Uhr waren wir am Ankerplatz in der ruhigen Amuk-Bucht. Dann ein kurzer Sprung ins Wasser, etwas geschnorchelt und wir waren bereit für das erste Abendessen an Bord von "Sundowner".
Danach gemeinsames abwaschen und ein Bier für die Nacht ?

Am nächsten Morgen sind Zully und Reinhold schon sehr früh hoch und bei Sonnenaufgang waren wir schon unterwegs auf dem Weg nach Lombok. Trotzdem es einige hohe Wellen gab lag das Boot sehr ruhig und stabil im Wasser und in 8 Stunden haben wir dann die Lombok-Straße überquert. Unterwegs sind wir vielen großen Schiffen begegnet und haben auch ein paar Delfine gesehen.
Um 16:00 Uhr waren wir fest vor Anker vor einer kleinen, unbewohnten Insel in Süd-Lombok und Reinhold meinte ... jetzt fängt der Urlaub richtig an. Recht hatte er! Wir sind viel geschwommen, geschnorchelt und mit dem Kanu sowie dem "Stand Up Paddel" unterwegs gewesen und haben so richtig relaxed ?

Am 4ten Tag ging es dann nach dem Frühstück "gemütlich" (nur mit dem Vorsegel) nach Norden zu den Gili-Inseln. Unterwegs haben wir geangelt (aber leider nichts gefangen) und ...


Phil Jackson

The perfect Yacht for "a great day out" in Bali

Left on 12/08/2013 for a stay in October 2013

We chartered this Yacht in October for a 1/2 day out with a Group of 18 friends and had heaps of fun.
The boat is large and has plenty of room. There is a large table and seating's for about 20 People inside the shaded Cockpit and heaps of space on the foredeck.
We had a good BBQ at sunset and it was an Overall marvellous experience on a stable boat and a very friendly crew.
We'll do it again. For sure!

Alfred Peterson

What a brilliant holiday for our family

Left on 12/08/2013 for a stay in September 2013

We booked the private charter for 7 days and did the Lombok-Gili-Cruise as described in their Website. It was just fantastic and our kids were thrilled :-D
We left the first day before noon to Amuk Bay and had a pleasant cruise because the skipper sailed very close to the shoreline of Bali to avoid the big swell and we enjoyed the landscape of Bali.
Next day the Crew started early (around 05:00 am) for the Lombok-Strait crossing and we turned around to sleep another 2-3 hours, then had a tasty breakfast and we arrived early afternoon with enough time to jump into the peaceful waters of South Lombok.
The next day we all enjoyed the small remote Island and the sup & canoe and had an "all-day-family-fun-experience".
Another relaxed cruise up north to the Gili's followed and we all enjoyed the Gili air-Island with its nice beaches, Restaurants and horse-carts :-D
The return cruise to Bali was a bit rough, but still relaxed because the Boat is just fantastic. Not a "Racer" but and "all terrain" vehicle which handled the large waves just fantastic and was very stable due to the weight and the beam of almost 8 Meter.
We arrived at Lembongan Island just when all "Day-Tourist-Boats" left and had the whole, nice Bay for us- The next day saw us leaving after breakfast before the arrive of the day-Charters and we were back in time in Bali for a lunch on board before we were picked up for the transport to the Hotel.
The Yacht is great, stable, save and roomy and the Crew is just fantastic. The Skipper is skilled and know what he is doing and Zully the Cook & Hostess is just a "Pearl of Southeast-Asia".



Wonderful Crew, best Service and a perfect Yacht for Bali and be

Left on 04/02/2013 for a stay in October 2012

Just a quick report about our last year's trip (2 days - one night) with 8 (!) people to Nusa Lembongan:
All I can say is, it was just fantastic and we had a outstanding time with Reinhold & Zully & Kiki-the Boat-Boy on this large, fantastic 48ft Catamaran which has heaps of space for everyone and is very stable at sea! (Nobody got seasick!)
We live in Bali and didn't want to do one of the "tourist-express-cruises" (you know the large companies with large Motor-Catamarans up to 400 people, loud music and all the "Bintang-Carriers"), but a private overnight-cruise with friends, romantic BBQ and a memorable sunset and that's exactly what we got!
We left Serangan Harbour at noon on Friday, had a great cruise along the coast of Bali, then crossed the Penida Strait and arrived at the nice Nusa Lembongan Bay when all "Tourists" where gone or about to leave. So we had the entire Bay for us without disturbing Jetsky, Paragliding- and Banana-Boats or loud music from the "Yellow Pontoon". It was just wonderful. We then jumped in the water (some of us snorkelled for 2 hours!) for a quick swim and two of us made a athletic round-trip with the large Canoe of Sundowner.
In the meantime the Skipper & Kiki prepared the large BBQ and we had a yummy dinner at sunset with heaps of pictures taken while the sun sets behind Bali.
After that a couple of beers and some wines for the Ladies and we were ready for the comfortable beds in the cabin (two of us opted for the "Cockpit-cushion" and slept on the benches in the cockpit).


Anna Kappel
Malmoe / Sveden

Best Yacht Charter available in Bali and or Indonesia

Left on 03/14/2013 for a stay in November 2012

It was such a wonderful experience to cruise with this fantastic yacht and the super-friendly and professional crew! We had some "not so good" experience in Thailand 2 years ago and hoped to be more lucky this time in Bali.
Everything works out very well and we are o happy to choose this Yacht & this Crew :-)
It started already with the very easy online-reservation and the (optional) pickup from the airport by the "neighbour" of Reinhold & Zully. Then we were warmly welcomed on board in the afternoon to spend the first night (before the charter start the next day) on the Yacht with a very delicious dinner and a "sundowner" (on board of "Sundowner") at sunset.
To make a (very) long story short: It continued like this for the next two weeks and I and my family (my husband Dave and the two boys Tim & Tom) had such a wonderful time on board of this yacht with anchorages at secluded Islands, visits of local markets & restaurants and the absolute delicious food prepared by Zully on board (no, we didn't lose weight on this trip).
Thank you very much Reinhold, Zully & Kiki (the boat boy who became best friend for our boys!) for the memorable holiday and hope to cruise with you again next year (4 weeks to Komodo) :-D
Anna Kappel



Werner Hinz - Germany

Das perfekte Schiff und eine phantastische Crew

Left on 12/30/2012 for a stay in November 2012

Anfang November hatten wir die Yacht von Reinhold & Zully für einen 7-Tage Törn nach Lombok, Sumbawa und den Gili's gechartert. Wir, das sind 4 Freunde aus Fürth und Nürnberg. Insgesamt war es eine absolut tolle Seereise. Wir haben kleine unbewohnte Inseln besucht, lokale Märkte "erforscht" und in traditionellen "Restaurants" gegessen. Alles "überwacht & organisiert" von Zully und so hatten wir keine Bedenken auch mal am Straßenrand zu Essen oder zu Trinken :-)
Reinhold hat das Schiff absolut im Griff und wir können uns kein besseres Schiff für diese Gegend vorstellen. Alles schön offen und im Schatten des großen Daches findet jeder seinen Platz. Alles wirklich super!!!
In 2-3 Jahren kommen wir wieder um einen längeren Törn zu machen. Evtl. nach Sulawesi oder Flores. Mal sehen :-)




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