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Yachtcharter, Sail Cruises & Joint-Sailing from BALI

East Bali Sunrise

Our cruises around Bali - the Island of the Gods - are most exotic and fascinating and the anchorage’s on this trips vary from idyllic, typical fishing villages to secluded beaches and Islands.
The landscape changes from dominant volcanic mountains, green rice fields, marvelous beaches to remarkable bays.

Kuta Beach Kuta Sunset


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The climate is hot and humid. July to September is the dry season, with December to January the rainiest period.
Temperatures range from 75-90°F (24-33°C).
The islands are under the influence of the SE monsoon from April to October and the NW monsoon from November to March, although land and sea breezes predominate close to the islands. The islands are not affected by tropical cyclones.

Visibility as well as water temperatures can vary greatly. The best visibility is during the dry season, and can often be more than 90 feet/30 meters.

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Ocean Currents
The seas around Bali are well-known for strong currents, caused by heavy water exchange from the Java and Flores Sea in the North, and the Indian Ocean in the South. Itinerary and swimming/snorkeling spots are planned according to wind, currents and tidal conditions. Our experienced crew will advise on conditions at the time of your charter.

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Cheap Holiday Home in Sidakarya - Bali between Sanur & Kuta!

We organize and plan your very personal & unique Sailing-Cruises as per your specification.

Just mail us with some details & ideas and we’ work out an absolute memorable sailing cruise especially for you.

We thanks you very much to review out pages and hope to sail very soon with you on board our "Bali-Cat 48".


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