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KM VIEHMONT - 65ft wooden, sturdy, traditional Motor-Vessel

MK Viehmont 65ft strudy, traditional Motor-Vessel The Boat "MK Viehmont" was constructed in 2012 from the finest hardwoods available in Kalimantan.
The hull of the boat is Based on the Indonesian deep sea Tuna boats. Slightly wider at 4m beam and strengthened in her length of 20 m.
This is a proven shape and has been in use in Indonesia boat building for many decades due to its ability in the Southern waters, usually hauling 5 ton of tuna from 200 miles south of Bali.

The 140hp Mitsubishi-Diesel is ample and very fuel efficient for a boat this size. We travel at 6-7 kts and use 9-10L of fuel an hour.
This allows us to drop our day rates below most other vessels. At night we make use of our 400 mph battery bank that is charged by solar panels during the day. That means that you can enjoy the cabin AC and cold beer without the sound of a Generator. We are trying as much as we can to be a Eco Boat. 6 Solar panels are also installed and charging the batteries. The boat also has a 5 Kw generator if we need but try not to use this on Anchor or any other time for that matter.


  • Length : 20 m - Beam : 4 m - Draft : 1.5 m
  • Power : 140 HP Mitsubishi 4 Cyl. Diesel
  • Crew : 3 persons + guide
  • Communications & Navigation : VHF Radio, GPS
  • Freshwater : 3.500 l - Fuel: 1000 l
  • Electric Solar-Panels & Genertor : 12 V/24V/220V
  • Dinghy : 1 Alu (Tinny) with 15 Hp outboard
  • Capacity : Up to 8 passengers day- and overnight and up to 20 for ½ Day-Charter
  • Toilets : 2 Western style on main deck level
  • Showers : 2 Showers 1 in combination with toilet and 1 on the aft-deck at the Stern

Accommodation in the boat is comfortable with top of the line custom spring mattresses on 6 beds in a dorm style cabin. The 2 most forward beds can be joined for a couple as well as a privacy curtain. We also have another small but private cabin forward of that. The main cabin has AC. For the most part it is best to sleep outdoors on the forward peak of the boat, on the roof or under the back deck. Of course inside is very comfortable, some people just enjoy sleeping under the stars. Showers we have one indoor and one outdoor as well as two flushing western style toilet. The boat has a 12 man life raft as well as 150% of max capacity life jackets and also our 4m aluminum dingy will assure that no one go,s diving involuntarily.

Leisure Charter Cruises
Day Trip ( Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida or Ceningan Island )
1-8 Person : USD 800 per Boat / 1 Day - 8 Hours

½ Day Trip ( Turtle Island, Nusa Dua or Tanjung Benoa )
1-8 Person : USD 600 per Boat / ½ Day - 4 Hours
9-20 Person : USD 900 per Boat / ½ Day - 4 Hours

Sunset Dinner Trip ( Turtle Island or Tanjung Benoa )
1-8 Person : USD 500 per Hour (Min. 2 hours)
9-20 Person : USD 700 per Hour (Min. 2 hours)

Return transfer Hotel/Villa-Harbor-Hotel/Villa
Accommodation on AC-Cabin aboard Viehmont 65ft Motor-Vessel
BBQ Lunch on board
Unlimited Mineral Water, Coffee and Tea
Beer (25,000 Rp) and Soft Drinks (15,000 Rp) are available on board.
Snorkeling Gear
English speaking cruise director
Viehmont 65ft Motor-Vessel
This Boat is a as NEW, clean and cozy Yacht
with air conditioned in the Main-Cabin

The itineraries are from Leisure trips to
Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida to
Relaxed Cruises to Lombok, The Gili’s and
even to Komodo Island (on request)

Viehmont 65ft Motor-Vessel
1. The above rates for day-cruises are only applicable for the area of Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida plus surroundings
2. Relocation fee will be applied for charter out of Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida Island. Contact us for quotation.

Relaxed Overnight Charter Cruises to Lombok and "The Gili's"
Rates for Overnight Cruises : North- and South Lombok and "The Gili's" ....................... Komodo - on request

  • 1- 2 Person : USD 700 per Day-10 Hours
  • 3- 4 Person : USD 800 per Day-10 Hours
  • 5- 6 Person : USD 900 per Day-10 Hours
  • 7- 8 Person : USD 1000 per Day-10 Hours
  • 9-10 Person : USD 1100 per Day-10 Hours
  • 10-11 Person : USD 1200 per Day-10 ours
  • 11-12 Person : USD 1300 per Day-10Hours

Zully Hamzah-Schulz
Serangan, Denpasar 80229
Bali, Indonesia
Phone: +62(0)8133 753 4097

Email: info@bali-charter.com

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